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"The Great Wave" is the fourth episode of Amazon Studios' The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Season One. It aired on September 16, 2022.

The title refers to one of many waves of the Sea that would one day destroy Númenor, as foreseen in a vision by Tar-Míriel.



In Armenelos, Míriel has a dream in which monstrous sea waves loom and envelop Armenelos and the entire island. This is a premonition of Númenor's fall. Near the palace, Galadriel is arrested for confronting Míriel on account of her irreverence for the "Elven ways" that Númenor had long maintained before Míriel's rule, and particularly for mentioning Míriel's father, Tar-Palantir. She is imprisoned.

Civil unrest in Armenelos has arisen at the prospect of an Elf (Galadriel) holding sway in Númenor. Pharazôn and his son are passing through some markets, and, finding Tamar and a crowd protesting this, Pharazôn gives a speech about the dignity and self-sufficiency of Númenor's human heritage, assuring them that one Elf could be no threat. Rousing the crowd, Pharazôn wins their trust that Númenor will "remain a kingdom of Men". Elendil's daughter Eärien is present at this.

At sea, on a cadet training ship, Isildur makes a mistake that gets him, Valandil, and Ontamo expelled from the cadets.

Off-screen, Eärien goes on a date with Pharazôn's son, Kemen.

In prison, Halbrand persuades Galadriel to investigate Míriel's greatest fear, which she concludes is her father, the king, who has never recently appeared. A moment later, Galadriel is released from her cell upon the queen's decision to escort her back to Middle-earth, as Galadriel had wished previously. But, she instead surprises the guards, breaks out of the prison alone, and eventually reaches the city palace undetected. She climbs the King's Tower where the aged king Tar-Palantir has been bed-ridden; Míriel finds Galadriel there, and soon discloses her history with her father, the reasons Númenor had diverged from the "Elven ways", and her ominous vision of the giant wave destroying the realm. She had first seen in this in a palantír, held in the same room. She shows the palantír to Galadriel, and after seeing the vision herself, Galadriel encourages Míriel to faithfully join her in facing the potential return of Sauron in Middle-earth. At first, Míriel refuses, but, the following day, her mind is changed as Galadriel is departing from the harbor and leaves of the tree Nimloth the Fair suddenly fall throughout the city, which to the Númenóreans is a sign of the will of the Valar. She announces to the city her resolve to sail to Middle-earth with Galadriel.

Elendil recruits Nùmenóreans to join the escort of Míriel across sea. Isildur, Valandil, Ontamo, and many others choose to join.


In the trench camp of Orcs, Adar has emerged, and is revealed to be an Elf. He briefly tends to the wounded Magrot. After ending his suffering, he speaks with Arondir alone, cryptically telling him of grand lies rooted deep within Middle-earth that must be uncovered, and leaving unanswered Arondir's question of who he is. Adar sends Arondir to Ostirith, where Bronwyn and all village-refugees of the Southlands are staying, with a message that they must relinquish claim of their lands and swear fealty to Adar. Theo is almost killed by Orcs in a foot-chase from ruined Tirharad, where he and Rowan had been scavenging.

In Ostirith, Waldreg talks with Theo, having known that he had stolen the strange weapon from his barn. During their conversation, he suddenly grabs Theo's arm, telling him in a strange, wicked voice about the coming of Sauron. Black marks on both of their forearms are seen for the first time.


In Eregion, Elrond converses with Celebrimbor about Elrond's father Eärendil, while construction (by Elves and Dwarves together) of Celebrimbor's proposed forge-tower is underway nearby.

Later, after talking with Disa in Prince Durin IV's home in Khazad-dûm, Elrond discovers Durin's secret, unsanctioned mining, beneath the Mirrormere, of the newly discovered jewel mithril, which his father King Durin III had forbidden. After finding and entering this hidden mining area, Elrond is found by Durin, and once Elrond swears to tell no one of it, Durin shows mithril to him, telling of its extraordinary potential value for Dwarven civilization and the high safety risk of acquiring it. Then, in an accident in one of these mines, four Dwarves are badly injured, exposing the prince's forbidden operations. Durin goes and apologizes to his father, who replies with forgiveness, before assenting to Elrond's request that Prince Durin go with Elrond to Lindon.


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