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The Gathering of the Clouds is the fifteenth chapter of The Hobbit.


Bilbo and the Dwarves learn of Smaug's death, and of the approaching hosts of the Mirkwood Elves and the Lake-men, from Roäc the Raven. The Dwarves send messages via ravens to Dáin of the Iron Hills requesting aid, and the dwarves have the ravens report the movements of any who approach the Lonely Mountain. Bard comes before the front gate of the mountain and requests a parley, but Thorin refuses. After another attempt at parley, the Elves and men declare the mountain besieged.


The thrush returns to the Company in Ravenhill. Finding that they cannot understand its speech, the thrush brings an old raven that can speak in the common tongue, and the raven informs them of Smaug's death. Their rejoicing is short-lived, as the raven goes on to describe the army of humans and elves marching toward them, as well as the suffering of Lake-town’s people, who feel they deserve some share of the treasure in the mountain. Thorin regards the treasure as his inheritance and plans to fight for it, regardless of what the people of Lake-town have suffered.

Under Thorin’s orders, the Company retreats to the mountain and fortifies it by building a wall at the main gate. From there, they watch as Bard and representatives of the elves approach. Bard informs them that he killed Smaug and Lake-town has been destroyed, and asks that the dwarves be generous in sharing the treasure, since they benefited so much at the expense of the humans. Thorin flatly refuses, and feels that he owes them nothing since the gold belonged to his people originally. Bard gives Thorin time to reconsider, but Thorin will not change his position. The mountain is then declared besieged: no one will be let in or out without being captured or killed. Bilbo, for his part, would gladly share the treasure, and is entirely discouraged by the whole turn of affairs. However, no dwarf questions Thorin, and Bilbo has no say in the matter.


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Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Die Versameling van die Wolke
Albanian Mbledhja e reve
Amharic ደመናዎች እየሰበሰቡ
Arabic جمع من الغيوم
Armenian Ամպերը հավաքվում են
Azerbaijani Buludlar toplanır
Belarusian Cyrillic Збор аблокаў
Bengali মেঘ সংগ্রহ
Bosnian Okupljanje oblaka
Bulgarian Cyrillic Облаците се сгъстяват
Burmese ယင်းတိမ်များ၏စုရုံးခြင်း
Cambodian ពពកកំពុងតែប្រមូល
Catalan Mar d'Helcar
Cebuano Ang Pagpundok sa mga Panganod
Corsican U assemblea di i nuvuli
Croatian Oblaci se skupljaju
Czech Shromáždění mraky
Danish Skyerne samler sig
Dutch Het Verzamelen van de Wolken
Esperanto La nuboj amasiĝas
Estonian Pilved kokkukorjamine
Filipino Ang mga ulap ay nagtitipon
Finnish Pilvet kerääntyvät
French Le rassemblement des Nuages
Georgian ღრუბლები შეკრებაზე
German Die Wolken sammeln sich
Greek Η συγκέντρωση των σύννεφων
Gujarati વાદળો ભેગી
Hebrew התכנסות העננים
Hindi बादलों की सभा
Hungarian A felhők összegyűjtése
Italian Le nuvole si Addensano
Japanese 雲が集まっている
Kannada ಮೋಡಗಳು ಒಟ್ಟುಗೂಡುತ್ತವೆ
Kazakh Бұлтты жинау (Cyrillic) Bulttı jïnaw (Latin)
Korean 구름의 모임
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Булуттар чогултуу
Latin Nubes Congregantur
Latvian Mākoņi pulcējas
Lithuanian Debesys renkasi
Luxembourgish D'Versammlung vun de Wolleken
Macedonian Cyrillic Облаците се собираат
Malayalam മേഘങ്ങളുടെ ശേഖരം
Mongolian Cyrillic Үүлний цугларалт
Nepalese बादलहरू भेला हुन्छन्
Norwegian Skyene samler seg
Persian جمع آوری ابرها
Polish Chmury się zbierają
Portuguese O ajuntamento das Nuvens
Punjabi ਬੱਦਲ ਇਕੱਠੇ ਕਰਨੇ
Romanian Strângerea noriilor
Russian Тучи собираются
Serbian Скупљање облака (Cyrillic) Skupljanje oblaka (Latin)
Slovak Sťahujú sa mračná
Slovenian Zbiranje oblakov
Spanish El encuentro en Las Nubes
Swahili Mkusanyiko la mawingu
Swedish Molnets samling
Tajik Cyrillic Ҷамъоварии абрҳо
Tamil மேகங்கள் சேகரிப்பது
Telugu మేఘాలు సేకరించడం
Turkish Bulutlar toplama
Ukrainian Cyrillic Хмари збираються
Urdu بادلوں کا اجتماع
Uzbek Булутларни йиғиш (Cyrillic) Bulutlarni yig'ish (Latin)
Vietnamese Thu thập các đám mây
Welsh Casglu y cymylau
Yiddish דער צונויפקום פון די וואלקנס