This article is about the chapter. For the field itself, see Field of Cormallen.

The Field of Cormallen is the fourth chapter of the second book of The Return of the King.


The story returns to the Field of Cormallen, continuing from Chapter X. The Eagles arrive; the Captains of the West are victorious; Frodo and Sam are rescued by Gandalf, all the Fellowship meet again in Ithilien.


Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Die Veld van Cormallen
Bosnian Cormallen polje
Bulgarian Cyrillic Полето на Кормален
Croatian Cormallen polje
Czech Cormallen pole
Danish Cormallen felt
Dutch Het Veld van Cormallen
Esperanto La kampo de Cormalleno
Estonian Cormallen valdkonnas
Filipino Ang Larangan ng Cormallen
Finnish Cormallenin kenttä
French Le terrain de Cormallen
Galician O campo de Cormallen
German Das Feld von Cormallen
Greek Το Πεδίο του Κορμαλλεν
Hungarian A Cormallen mezője
Icelandic Cormallen sviði
Indonesian Bidang Cormallen
Italian Il campo di Cormallen
Macedonian Cyrillic Поле на Кормален
Polish Na polach Cormallen
Portuguese O Campo de Cormallen (Brazilian Portuguese)
Romanian Câmpul Cormallen
Russian Кормалленское Поле
Slovak Cormallen terén
Spanish El campo de Cormallen
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