Is the eleventh chapter of J.R.R Tolkien's The Children of Húrin.

  • 11 - The Fall of Nargothrond - Tells of Túrin's position in Nargothrond five years after his arrival; this chapter sees also the destruction of Nargothrond. Gelmir and Arminas, two elves sent as messengers from Círdan, arrive in the stronghold seeking to deliver a message to Orodreth. This message were the very words of Ulmo; the Vala warned the Lord of Nargothrond about an imminent attack on his fortress, that he should secure his gates and destroy the bridge of Narog for their defence. However as ruler of all matters of war, Túrin mistrusted the messengers and persuaded the King to ignore the warnings. In autumn of that year, Morgoth ordered Glaurung to set forth with his army to destroy the stronghold of Nargothrond. The fortress's armies were defeated by this overwhelmming force, Orodreth was slain and so was Gwindor; Túrin was protected from the dragons assault, by the gift that he received, the dwarf-mask. Others from the fortress were taken captive, including Finduilas to Angband. Upon Morgoth's bidding, Glaurung cunningly convinced Túrin to return to Dor-lómin for the sake of Finduilas, his mother and his younger sister.
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