This article is about the website. For the event itself, see Council of Elrond.
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The Council of Elrond is the name of one of the many existing Lord of the Rings online forums in which users celebrate and study, colloquially though not scholastically, the works of Tolkien as well as Peter Jackson's movie adaptations. The site is designed and maintained by Netrix Creative.

Apart from areas where users interact, there is encyclopedic content such as a "Silmarillion Survival Guide", a Tolkien biography, a repository of Tolkien's art, and a list of all canonical poems; as well as rare, real-life renditions of things in Middle-earth that are available, such as Elven home-decorations, action figures, and over five hundred recipes that are based on cultures of Middle-earth's races. In addition, The Council of Elrond even has a place for users' fan-fiction.


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