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The Chamber of Smaug is a formerly active online forum, which was founded in July of 2005 by the user known as 'Toulac Axehand'.

Users primarily roleplayed as elves, dwarves, and hobbits. It was largely based around The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game but also formed discussions on the movies by New Line Cinema and the books. The forum operated similarly to modern day parliament with a figure head (monarch) leading the forum.

The site

Democracy on the forum

's Paladin-edit

The old Radagast's Paladin Took as part of the painting competition in February

The Chamber of Smaug forum operated in a parliamentary way, with most users rallying under one of the three races of dwarves, elves or hobbits. Every month a site meeting was conducted by the Forum Coordinator.

The Departure Month

The Chamber of Smaug was made by ex moderator of Cheeseweb, Toulac, in retaliation to the Good forum Cheeseweb which was a high-runner in the campaign. Built in July, The Chamber of Smaug was largely made up of campaign wargamers who specialized in collecting dwarf armies in Middle-earth. It took part in the UK War of the Ring Campaign The War of the Ring and also managed to guide dwarf players in the Canadian one.

The Campaign

Azanulbizar poster

Battle of Azanulbizar Supplement (c) advert poster

It additionally started the Battle of Azanulbizar Campaign which also has a supplement. This was thought to attract many wargamers across Europe. The Campaign Designers are Toulac and Balin who have designed rules, scenarios and are in the process of designing specially converted models from the Games Workshop dwarf range.

The Wizard's Vale and Chamber of Smaug Alliance

In April 2006, The Wizard's Vale and Chamber of Smaug formed an alliance to combat big forums such as Cheeseweb and The White Council. Information was passed frequently between the two forum administrators Radagast and Toulac about GW Events and important information on rival forums. Both forums also adopted a member swapping policy in case one forum were to drop on activity.


Mung0's hand-painted Woodelf warrior as part of the painting competition

Galadhrim Glades

Soon after the removal of the DABC, Galadhrim Glades was made by Toulac. But due to a hacking, it was merged with The Chamber of Smaug. This caused the activity of the forum to rocket sky high, with moderator elections storming to the front page.

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