TORNLogo, licensed under The One Ring Inc., is a large, non-profit website related to The Lord of the Rings material which consists of the official Peter Jackson fan club. It is owned by its founders, Michael Regina, Chris Pirrotta, William Thomas, and Erica Challis.

The website itself has information on upcoming productions, Tolkien-centered events, new publications, and fan gatherings. They revealed the first trailer for the film Tolkien to the world on February 12, 2019. Members of the staff frequently have panels at San Diego Comic Con gatherings.

The fan-series Happy Hobbit on YouTube is one of TheOneRing.nets' productions. From the Scum and Villainy Cantina in Los Angeles (as of 2018), they stream their weekly webcast TORn Tuesdays, hosted often by Cliff "Quickbeam" Broadway and Justin Sewell.

History was founded by a group of fans, one of whom (Erica Challis) had attempted to sneak on movie set of The Fellowship of the Ring in 1999, and eventually got to meet Peter Jackson and have an official tour of the set. The website was developed in the same year. Since then, the owners of have maintained relations with the makers of the film trilogies, allowing the site to provide truly exclusive news about them.

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