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[[Category:Non-canonical Orcs]]
[[Category:Non-canonical orcs]]
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[[Category:War in the North characters]]

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Tharzog ordering the call of his guards to help kill Andriel, Farin, and Eradan

Tharzog was an Orc chieftain from Mount Gram who served Agandaur, the "Right Hand" of Sauron. He is also the boss of Level One in the War in the North video game.


War in the North video game

Tharzog leads Agandaur's orc and goblin soldiers that have gathered in Fornost, the ancient former kingdom of the Dúnedain and capitol of the realm of Arthedain. He is seen at the citadel gathered with other Orcs and goblins. Agandaur walks in, and asks Tharzog what the disturbance in Fornost is. He tells him that there are intruders who have freed their prisoner Beleram, one of the Great Eagles. Tharzog tells Agandaur that the intruders must be great warriors, and that they might be elves or Dwarves. Agandaur tells him furiously that he doesn't care, and that he wants them taken care of now. Tharzog orders one Orc to call his guard. He spots the elf twins Elladan and Elrohir going through the stairs leading to the top of the citadel. The gate closes behind them, cutting off their allies Eradan, Farin, and Andriel.

Tharzog battles the trio along with his Orc and goblin guardsmen. Unfortunately, Tharzog cannot overcome the trio's combined strength, and eventually dies.



Orc Champion (Tharzog´s Concept Art).

Tharzog is a large, tall, and muscular Orc. His height reaches to the chest of a troll. He wears heavy armor, carries a large, rusty sword, and his face is covered by a helmet with a skull on the top of it. His eyes are wide and yellow, his skin is muddy dark brown, and he has two fangs over-biting his mouth.

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