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Thandronen[1] was a non-canonical Elven warrior of Lothlórien, and the father of Fereveldir and Ferevellon.

Portrayal in adaptations

Peter Jackson's The Two Towers

Near the end of the Second Age, Thandronen fought for the freedom of Middle-earth, and both he and his sons Fereveldir and Ferevellon were among the an army of Elves that supported the Men in facing against the enemies of Mordor, in the War of the Last Alliance.

Later, during the War of the Ring, in which the One Ring had at last awakened from its long slumber and was now ready to return to its rightful master, Thandronen, along with his sons, did not want to lose hope or leave Middle-earth to its fate and preferred to fight against the enemies of Mordor and Isengard. On March 3, Thandronen was among a battalion of Galadhrim Warriors that accompanied Haldir to aid King Théoden and his people to reinforce the defence of Helm's Deep from Saruman's army. Stationed on the Deeping Wall, Thandronen was among the defenders that were killed.


Behind the scenes

  • Thandronen was played by Ben Fransham in the film as an uncredited 'motion capture actor'.[2]


Thandronen is also known as Thandronen, Veteran Protector[1] in the Decipher Trading card game.


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