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Tevildo, "The Prince of Cats", was the mightiest of all cats who 'possessed of an evil spirit’, and a close companion of Morgoth in Beren and Lúthien and other early stages of J.R.R. Tolkien's legendarium.


Tevildo's physical features included being black "as the starless night", and blood-red eyes. He had cat-servants whom Morgoth, the first Dark Lord, put a spell on, making them massive, utterly ferocious, and deadly. Two of the most famous servants of Tevildo were Oikeroi and Umuiyan.[1]

Along with massive size, Tevildo was also given a mystical collar made of gold that enhanced his power even further. This collar was later taken from him by Huan, a hound of Valinor. Huan then forced Tevildo, in return for Huan's not killing him, to give up the words that Morgoth had used to enchant Tevildo's cat servants. That ended the cats' enchantment, and they (though not Tevildo) returned to their normal size. Morgoth was furious when he learned that the cats had betrayed him.[1]


Other names

His full name was Tiberth Bridhon Miaugion - the Elves simply called him Tevildo. His Gnomish name was Tifil, coming from tif ("resentment, ill-feeling")[1][2][3], or Tiberth, a referral to a cat "Tibert" in the medieval European story collection Reynard the Fox.[4]

Behind the scenes

Tevildo was Morgoth's servant in the early writings of Tolkien's legendarium, and was "Lord of the Cats". Tevildo's character was the forerunner to the Maia Sauron.

In Beren and Luthien (2017), Tevildo's character had been re-adapted into another close companion of Morgoth (separate from Sauron): However, his evolution as a forerunner to Sauron is still mentioned in the footnotes. Thû, Lord of Werewolves is treated as the first appearance as Sauron.

...there are even to be discovered elements in the story that were later altogether lost. Thus, for example, the cross-examination of Beren and Felagund and their companions, disguised as Orcs, by Thû the Necromancer (the first appearance of Sauron), or the entry into the story of the appalling Tevildo, Prince of Cats, who clearly deserves to be remembered, short as was his literary life.[5]


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