Dark Temple

Temple of Morgoth destroyed during the Downfall of Númenor

The Temple, also known as the Temple of Morgoth, was built by Sauron for the worship of Melkor during his time in Númenor.

History Edit

Sacrifice in the templ

A sacrifice held in the dome of the Temple, by EKukanova

The Temple stood in Armenelos and was a massive dome, five-hundred feet across and five-hundred feet high; its walls were fifty feet thick at the base. The Dome was covered with silver but was soon blackened by the smoke of the human sacrifices (one being the burning of Nimloth). The silver dome was cracked by lightning preceding the sailing of the Great Armament, but the Temple itself was not destroyed until the downfall of the Númenor whereat Sauron's body was caught in the ruins.[1][2]

References Edit

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