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Taurdal was a settlement of the Dúnedain in Eriador.

It is non-canonical as it does not appear in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, and only in the fan-film Born of Hope.


After the fall of Arnor and then of Arthedain, some of the northern Dúnedain became the Rangers of the North. The surviving Dúnedainic population of Arnor retreated to the Angle south of Rivendell. Taurdal was a large town that was constructed by the Dúnedain in the land of Eriador in Middle-earth.

Portrayal in Adaptations

Taurdal was located somewhere in Eriador and was a location where the Dúnedain of the North had settled in the late Third Age. Arathorn II brought Gilraen and her family to Taurdal after rescuing them from the orcs that attacked them when they were escaping their own village, which other orcs had sacked.

The village later filled when the minions of Sauron attacked the Dúnedain and they fled to Taurdal as a refuge. It was eventually attacked and the Dúnedain who survived the attack fled into the wilderness to hide. Gilraen was a survivor of this, as was her son, Aragorn II Elessar whom she brought to Rivendell to be raised by Elrond.


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