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Tar Goroth is a Balrog that appears in Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

Lore Edit

During the First Age, Tar Goroth was a general under Sauron in Morgoth's army when the first Dark Lord battled the Host of Valinor and the Free People. At the end of the War of Wrath, the Balrog was defeated by Carnán and thus fell into the pits of Gorgoroth.

During the Third Age, the Darkness returned and when the Bright Lord forged the New Ring, he was awakened. He was brought back from death by the orc necromancer Zog. Talion attempted to subdue him but Tar Goroth escaped. Filled only with hate towards the ones who defeated his old masters, he has went on a rampage to slay those who oppose Sauron and any other creature that crosses his path. He would later be defeated by Talion with the help of Carnán, and frozen in a lake.

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