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I don't have everything Tolkien ever wrote, but certainly in Appendix A, this guy's name is simply Tarannon, and then he's coronated as Falastur. ("Tarannon took the crown in the name of Falastur 'Lord of the Coasts'".)

So I find this page name of "Tarannon Falastur" incredibly confusing. Imagine the case of George VI. He was actually Albert or "Bertie", but he ruled as George. He was never called "Bertie George" or "Albert George". The most you can say is that he was "Albert Frederick Arthur George", but even that is not at all common. You would never have a wiki article on George VI with the PAGENAME of "Albert George".

I think logically this page should be under his regnal name of Falastur with a redirect at Tarannon. — CzechOut 19:37, January 29, 2014 (UTC)

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