Quoting the article..."The element Beler/Balar is believed to refer to the Maia Ossë, who often dwelt at the shores of Balar."

What's an element in this case? There are a lot of web pages out there with the above in it, but no one defines themselves.  I'm guessing that the word element is being used by a specialist 

.How about...The root of the word Beleriand is believed to refer to the Maia Ossë, who often dwelt at the shores of Balar.

G36h7qbywu (talk) 20:24, April 11, 2013 (UTC)

too much intro

This artile has too much intro. Save the intro for your thesis and a few well chosen sentences, not the whole article. Besides, how can I scribble all over your work if it's in the intro? I can edit anything but an intro (LOL)! Seriously, I would have suggested how to break the article up but I don't know how to edit an intro.

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