Taeglin was a river of Middle-earth in the First Age. It was a major tributary of the great river Sirion in the region of Beleriand.


Taeglin rose in the southern reaches of the Ered Wethrin and flowed southeast, passing along the southern part through the Forest of Brethil running through a gorge named Cabed-en-Aras; receiving the waters of Glithui and Malduin, and finally joined the river Sirion on the borders of Doriath.

Near the western border of Brethil was the Crossings of Teiglin and was the most important ford on the river and crossing place. A road passed through it from Nargothrond to Minas Tirith.

The Celebros and Malduin were its most important minor tributaries.[1]

The banks of the river Taeglin near the Celebros were the scene of the encounter between Túrin Turambar and the dragon Glaurung.[2][3][4]

Other versions of the legendarium

In earlier writings, the river's name was spelled Teiglin. As revealed in the History of Middle-earth series, the river name should actually have been spelt Taeglin. This was a relatively late change which was not adopted into the published Silmarillion, which uses the old name.[5]


Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ጣአግሊን
Arabic تايغلين
Armenian Թաեգլին
Belarusian Cyrillic Таеглін
Bengali টাএগ্লিন
Bulgarian Cyrillic Таеглин
Chinese (Hong Kong) 泰格林河
Georgian ტაეგლინი
Greek Ταεγλιν
Gujarati ટેગલીન
Hebrew טאיגלין
Hindi ट​एग्लिन
Japanese テイグリン
Kannada ಟೇಗ್ಲಿನ್
Kazakh Таеглін (Cyrillic) Taeglin (Latin)
Korean 태글린
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Таэглин
Macedonian Cyrillic Таеглин
Marathi टायग्लिन
Mongolian Cyrillic Таеглин
Nepalese ट​एग्लिन
Pashto طاېګلین
Persian طاهگلین ?
Punjabi ਟੇਗਲਿਨ
Russian Таеглин
Sanskrit ट​एग्लिन्
Serbian Таеглин (Cyrillic) Taeglin (Latin)
Sinhalese ටේග්ලින්
Tamil தஎக்லின்
Tajik Cyrillic Таеглин
Telugu తెగళిన్
Urdu طاےگلین
Uzbek Таеглин (Cyrillic) Taeglin (Latin)
Yiddish טאַעגלין

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