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Túna was a high green hill in the land of Aman.[1][2]


Túna was located within a gap of the Pelóri (Mountains of Aman) so as to allow the Eldar to be able to see the stars they so longed to see again (as the stars were the first things that had ever beheld, and were precious to them). The light of the Two Trees fell upon it from the west side, and from the east it looked upon the yet sunless and moonless Arda. Upon the top of Túna was built the great city of Tirion.[3]

Towards the end of the Second Age in SA 3319, Ar-Pharazôn and his Great Armament reached Túna and he and his soldiers camped there before they were buried under mounds of earth by Eru.[4]


Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic تونة
Danish Túna ("Den Spidse Bakketop")
Hebrew טונה
Persian تونا
Russian Туна
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