The Swanfleet, or Nîn-in-Eilph in Sindarin, was a marshy area in Eriador.

Formed where the Glanduin (mistakenly labelled as "Swanfleet river" on some maps) joined the Greyflood, the Swanfleet was effectively an inland delta, with uncertain streams and a very uncertain difference between land and water.

According to The Atlas of Middle-earth, it was about fifty miles in length from west to east and over twenty-five miles from north and south.[1]


These marshes strongly resembled the Gladden Fields on the other side of Misty Mountains, and so many Stoors felt right at home here after their migration into Eriador. These Stoors remained here until the Great Plague nearly wiped them out, and the remainder then went to the Southfarthing of the Shire.

Near the Swanfleet was a ford over the Glanduin, from where led a road to the ruins of Ost-in-Edhil, the ruined city of Eregion.

Translations around the World

Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic أسطول البجعة
Czech Labuť loďstvo
Estonian Luikede laevastik
Finnish Joutsenlaivasto
French Flotte de cygne
Dutch Zwanenvliet
Georgian გედების ფლოტი
German Schwanenfleet
Gujarati સ્વાન કાફલો
Hungarian Hattyú flotta
Italian Agilcigno
Korean 백조 함대
Macedonian Cyrillic Лебедна флота
Polish Rozlewiska łabędzi
Romanian Flotei lebăda
Russian Лебедянь


  1. The Atlas of Middle-earth, Regional Maps, "The Misty Mountains"
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