The Straight Road (also known as the Straight Way, Straight Path, Lost Road, or the Last Road) was an invisible bridge that curved from the earth leading to the realm of the Valar.


It was a route that left Earth's curvature through sky and space to the land of Aman. The route could be compared to going on a spaceship or crossing into a parallel universe.[citation needed]

The Straight Road, so called because it followed the old path across Belegaer from before the Akallabêth when the Flat World to the World Made Round, was only kept open to Elves, who were allowed to sail to it on their ships by a special grace of the Valar.

A ship departing on the Straight Road, when observed from the shore, would slowly become smaller to sight until it disappeared in a point, and not drop behind the horizon.

It is noted in earlier writings by Tolkien that some mortals besides those carried on Elven ships like the Fellowship of the Ring and Bilbo Baggins could also come across this path, such as Ælfwine in The Book of Lost Tales.

According to unfinished notes for The Lost Road (and somewhat related to later in The Notion Club Papers), Tolkien saw the location of the Straight Road as possibly somewhere near the Azores in modern times.

The first location reached from the hidden path was Tol Eressëa (to some known as Avallon or Avalon).

As noted at the end of the Akallabêth it mentions of tales and rumours concerning mariners and men lost upon the sea whom, by some fate or grace or favour of the Valar, had entered upon the path until they reached Avallonë. Tolkien main travelers to reach the island included first possibly Tuor, then Eärendil, later Ælfwine, the body of King Arthur, and even hinted at Lancelot making the journey as well.[1] The Notion Club Papers even hints at others who maybe made the journey either physically or by dreams to become known as "Elf-friend" ("Ælfwine") down through the ages. Eriol is notable as he is said to be the only one to have returned from traveling to Tol Eressëa.


Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Reguitpad
Albanian Rruga e Drejt
Amharic ቀጥተኛ መንገድ
Arabic الطريق المستقيم
Armenian Ուղիղ Ճանապարհ
Azerbaijani Düz yol
Basque Zuzen errepidea
Belarusian Cyrillic прамая дарога
Bengali সরল পথ
Bosnian Ravne ceste
Bulgarian Cyrillic Направо Път
Burmese ဖြောင့်လမ်းမ
Cambodian ត្រង់ផ្លូវ
Catalan Camí Recte
Cebuano Tul-id nga Dalan
Chinese 筆直航道
Croatian Ravne ceste
Czech Přímá cesta
Danish Den Lige Vej
Dutch Rechte Weg
Esperanto Rekta Vojo
Estonian Sirget teed
Faroese Beinur Vegur
Finnish Suora tie
French Route droite
Galician Camiño Recto
Georgian სწორი გზა
German Gerade Straße
Greek Ίσιο δρόμο
Gujarati સીધા રોડ
Haitian Creole Wout Dwat
Hausa Tafarki Madaidaici
Hebrew דרך המישירה
Hindi सीधी सड़क
Hmong Txoj kev ncaj
Hungarian Egyenes út
Icelandic Bein Vegur
Indonesian Jalan lurus
Irish Gaelic Bóthar Dhíreach
Italian Strada Diritta
Japanese ストレートロード
Javanese Dalan Lurus
Kannada ಸ್ಟ್ರೈಟ್ ರೋಡ್
Kazakh Түзу жол (Cyrilic) Tüzw jol (Latin)
Korean 스트레이트도로
Kurdish Rê Rast (Kurmanji)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Түз жол
Latin Recta via
Latvian Taisnā ceļa
Lithuanian Tiesiu keliu
Luxembourgish Riichter Strooss
Macedonian Cyrillic Прав патот
Malagasy Lalana mahitsy
Malaysian Jalan yang lurus
Malayalam സ്ട്രെയിറ്റ് റോഡ്
Maltese Triq dritta
Marathi सरळ रस्ता
Mongolian Cyrillic Шулуун зам
Nepalese सीधा रोड
Norwegian Rettvei
Pashto سپینو سړک
Persian جاده مستقیم
Polish Prosta Droga
Portuguese Estrada Reta
Punjabi ਸਟ੍ਰੇਟ ਰੋਡ
Romanian Drumul drept
Romansh dretg Stra ?
Russian Прямой Путь
Scottish Gaelic Dìreach Rathad
Serbian Страигхт друм (Cyrillic) Ravni put (Latin)
Shona Yakarurama mugwagwa
Sindhi سڌو رستو
Sinhalese කෙළින්ම පාර
Slovak Rovná cesta
Slovenian Ravne ceste
Somalian Wadada toosan
Spanish Camino Recto
Sundanese Lempeng Jalan
Swahili Barabara ya moja kwa moja
Swedish Rakväg
Tamil நேரடி சாலை
Tatar Туры юл
Thai เส้นทางมุ่งตรง
Turkish Düz Yol
Turkmen Göni Ýol
Ukrainian Cyrillic Пряма дорога
Urdu سیدھے راستے
Uzbek Тўғри йўл (Cyrillic) To'g'ri yo'l (Latin)
Vietnamese Đường thẳng
Welsh Ffordd Syth
Yiddish גלייַך וועג


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