Hurin and Morwen at the Stone

The Stone of the Hapless was a hallowed stone on the banks of the Teiglin and later Tol Morwen and was a memorial to Túrin Turambar and Nienor Níniel, and to Morwen their mother. It was large and tall, and was located near the brink of the Cabed Naeramarth, the place where Túrin and Nienor had lost their lives. [1]


The Stone was first invested by the elderly and dying Morwen not long after the deaths of her children Túrin and Nienor; she inscribed into the Stone a memorial to them both. When Húrin arrived in FA 500 he found Morwen sitting in the shadow of the tall Stone. After telling him what had happened (though he already knew it), she died. Húrin buried her near the Stone and carved the words "Here lies also Morwen Eledhwen" on the west side of the Stone.[1]

Later, a Man of Brethil named Glirhuin, a seer and musician, wrote in a song that the Stone would not be defiled by Morgoth but would remain standing ever after no matter what would happen to the land and seas.[1] This prediction proved correct; when Beleriand was destroyed after the War of Wrath and sent to the bottom of the sea, the Stone remained on the island of Tol Morwen some one-hundred and fifty miles off the coast of Forlindon in later ages.[2]


The Stone of the Hapless is known by two other names: 'Talbor' and 'The Standing Stone'.[3]

Translations around the world

Foreign Language Translated name
Croatian Nesretni kamen
Czech Nešťastné kámen
Finnish Kovaonnisten kivi
French Pierre des Infortunés
German Stein der Unglücklichen
Hebrew אבן האומללים
Italian Pietra dello Sfortunato


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