The Star of Elendil was a white precious jewel made from Mithril and worn by Elendil and his heirs, and then by the chieftains of the Dúnedain in Arnor.

History Edit

The Stars of Elendil were also called the Elendilmir, the Star of the North, and the Star of the North Kingdom.

This jewel was passed down by way of Silmariën to Elendil, but probably wasn't a new creation and existed long before the end of Second Age. It was lost somewhere in the period surrounding the fall of Arnor, at the same time that Isildur was slain. The Kings and Chieftains of the North then wore a new gem, which they had given the same name to replace the original Elendilmir.

The original was rediscovered by Saruman's agents while searching for the One Ring, and Aragorn later recovered it from amongst Saruman's treasure in Orthanc after the War of the Ring.

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In Foster's The Complete Guide to Middle-Earth the Elendilmir is mistakenly identified with the Star of the Dúnedain which was given to Samwise Gamgee, but this is clearly an error.

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