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Spiros Gelekas self

Spiros Gelekas, in front of Smaug

Spiros Gelekas (born July 4, 1979) is a painter mainly engaged with fantasy through the abstract and modern art styles. He has made numerous paintings depicting Middle-earth, primarily of location scenery and evil beings.

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Art of the Two Trees of Valinor at night, with Telperion aglow


Gelekas was born in Corfu, Greece.

J.R.R. Tolkien became his foremost literary influence for his art, while his chief illustrator influences are Salvador Dali and Roger Dean.

Gelekas's art has been displayed in exhibitions throughout Europe. In 2018, Gelekas was one among 100 artists nominated for The Global Art Awards 2018, and his art appeared in the magazine of Art Freaks Global. His first Middle-earth painting, "The Sacred Path of Mirkwood", was a finalist the next year in the Pébéo Mixed Media Art Prize and Exhibition Competition, held in London, England.[1]

Some of his pieces were showcased in Tolkien Calendar 2023, introduced by Ted Nasmith. His art has appeared at the Tolkien-convention Oxonmoot twice.[2] A painting of his depicting Minas Tirith, the Eagles, and the nearby darkness of Mordor was used for Dimitra Fimi's 2021 project, Echoes of Ancient Greek Literature in J.R.R. Tolkien's Work.[3]

Currently, Gelekas is working on illustrations from the chapters of The Silmarillion, for a personal exhibition.[2] He also offers art commissions through his website.

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