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The Spiderling, or Spiderlings, is a small group of Spiders that live in Dol-Guldur's Forest and Mirkwood Forest. They were either Goblin units or enemies by themselves which look like a smaller version of Shelob.

Spiderlings 3

Spiderlings in snow seen in BFME II.

Video games


Spiderling power that cost 10 Power points in BFME II.

In The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II, these spiders can be used at a Spider pit. It can get Banner Carriers at a Treasure Trove and Get Venom Sacks at a Level.3 Spider pit. Not only that but there's a Power of Summoning Spiderling Horde Allies only by the Goblins by 10 Power points.

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