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18:59, January 13, 2014GreyMountainsRegion.jpg (file)65 KBGradivus 
00:00, January 12, 2014Weathertop.jpg (file)19 KBGradivus (Painting of Weathertop from the online game ''The Lord of the Rings Online'')
23:59, January 11, 2014Narmaleth.jpg (file)20 KBGradivus (Portrait of Narmoleth from the online game ''Lord of the Rings Online'')
02:25, January 10, 2014Vol123.jpg (file)23 KBGradivus 
02:05, January 10, 2014Vol7.jpg (file)23 KBGradivus 
22:10, December 27, 2013Jan Pospisil - Dale units vs. Rhun.jpg (file)185 KBGradivus 
18:03, December 25, 2013Map of Mirkwood.jpg (file)126 KBGradivus 
17:52, December 25, 2013MapOfWilderland.jpg (file)135 KBGradivus 
05:36, December 23, 2013Megaloceros1.jpg (file)54 KBGradivus 
20:42, January 21, 2013Durin's Bane.jpg (file)37 KBGradivus 
16:45, January 13, 2013StonedTrolls2.jpg (file)73 KBGradivus 
04:53, January 11, 2013250px-Everard Proudfoot.png (file)68 KBGradivus 
18:59, January 7, 2013Annuminas2.gif (file)51 KBGradivus 
01:46, December 22, 2012Green tab.jpg (file)14 KBGradivus 
00:58, December 19, 2012Chat.jpg (file)117 KBGradivus 
02:31, December 18, 2012Misty Mountains.jpg (file)236 KBGradivus 
02:08, December 18, 2012HollinRidge.jpg (file)119 KBGradivus 
18:16, December 17, 2012ScreenShot00068.jpg (file)123 KBGradivus 
18:37, December 15, 2012Ts.20121030T135717.yazneg new1.png (file)52 KBGradivus 
15:43, November 5, 2012Medeival 350x350.jpg (file)24 KBGradivus 

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