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Soury was a Man of Lake-town who was among the guards that served the Master of Lake-town.

Biography Edit

In TA 2941, when Thorin and Company were hiding in the town after their fight with two other guards and knocked them out unconscious before they could arrest them, Soury, Braga, and a few others arrived to find out what was going on. After the incident, Soury became among the other guards who arrested the Company for their attempt to steal weapons, but when Thorin II Oakenshield revealed himself to the whole crowd and persuaded the Master to welcome them and help them reclaim the Lonely Mountain.

Soury later became involved with the guards who tried to arrest Bard for his charges against the Master before the Bargeman was knocked unconscious by the Master himself. After Bard's arrest, he got himself drunk along with Braga and the other guards until when Smaug flys over to Lake-town where Bard tried to warn them about the dragon's arrival. Soury was among the survivors who escaped the Lake-town's destruction and pledged his loyalty to Bard after he killed the dragon with the last Black Arrow. Seeking refuge in the ruined city of Dale, Soury participated in the Battle of Five Armies and was killed while defending the city.

Appearances Edit

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Soury was portrayed by Kelly Kilgour.
  • He does not appear in the book.
  • On the websites Aveleyman and, Soury was confused to be the man whom Bard paid not to tell anyone about the Dwarves.