Jenny Dolfen - The Oath of Feanor

The Sons of Fëanor taking their Oath, by Gold Seven

The seven Sons of Fëanor, the great Ñoldorin Prince, led their people from Valinor to rule over kingdoms in the Northeast of Beleriand:

Biography Edit

After swearing an Oath to recover the Silmarils at any and all costs, they and their father led the Ñoldor from Valinor to Beleriand in pursuit of Morgoth, who stole Fëanor's greatest work, the Silmarils.[1] Since Fëanor died in an early battle,[2] his sons were the driving force behind the ensuing wars. Their heroism was great and they were mighty leaders and foes of Morgoth, but because of the Oath of Fëanor (which they all swore), their actions were ultimately turned to evil.

Only one survived the First Age. Because of the nature of their Oath that they would not permit anyone else to have the Silmarils. This originally meant to refer to Morgoth, but ultimately encompassing their fellow Elves and even the Valar. Thus, their deaths were generally not in battle with Morgoth but rather in desperate, Oath-driven assaults on other Elves. The only three not killed in such a manner were Amrod (who was killed accidentally at the order of his own father),[3] Maedhros (who killed himself at the very end of the First Age),[4] and Maglor (who survived only to wander sadly alone along the shores of Middle-earth).[4]

Translations around the world Edit

Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Seuns van Fëanor
Albanian Bijtë e Fëanor
Armenian Սոնս ոֆ Ֆեանոր
Azerbaijani Fëanor'in övladlar
Belarusian Cyrillic сыны Феанор
Bosnian Sinovi Fëanor
Bulgarian Cyrillic синовете на Феанор
Catalan Fills de Fèanor
Cebuano Mga anak nga lalake ni Fëanor
Croatian Sinovi Fëanor
Czech Fëanorovi synové
Danish Sønner af Fëanor
Dutch Zonen van Fëanor
Esperanto Filoj de Fëanor
Estonian Pojad Feanor
Finnish Fëanorin Pojat
French Fils de Fëanor
Galician Fillos de Fëanor
German Söhne Fëanors
Greek γιοι του Φέανορ
Hausa 'Ya'yan Fëanor
Hawaiian Keiki a Fëanor
Hindi फेनोर के पुत्र
Hungarian Fëanor Fiai
Icelandic Synir af Fëanor
Irish Gaelic Na mic de Fëanor
Italian Figli di Fëanor
Japanese フェアノール王の息子 ?
Latvian Dēli Feanor
Lithuanian Sūnūs Feanor
Luxembourgish Jongen vun Fëanor
Macedonian Cyrillic Синови на Феанор
Malagasy Zanak'i Fëanor
Maltese Ulied Fëanor
Maori Tama a Fëanor
Marathi फेनॉर चे मुलगे
Mongolian Cyrillic Феанор-ийн хөвгүүд
Norwegian Sønner av Feanor
Polish Synowie Fëanora
Portuguese Filhos de Fëanor
Punjabi ਫਾਨੋਰ ਦੇ ਪੁੱਤਰ
Romanian Fiii lui Fëanor
Russian Сыновья Феанора
Samoan Atalii o Fëanor
Scottish Gaelic Na mic de Fëanor
Serbian синови Феанора (Cyrillic) Sinovi Feanora (Latin)
Slovak Fëanorovi synovia
Slovenian Sinovi Fëanor
Spanish Hijos de Fëanor
Sudanese Putra ti Fëanor
Swedish Fëanors Söner
Tajik Cyrillic Феанор писарони
Thai ราชสกุลเฟอานอร์
Turkish Fëanor'in oğulları
Ukrainian Сини Феанора
Uzbek Феанор Ўғиллари (Cyrillic) Feanor O'g'illari (Latin)
Vietnamese Con trai của Fëanor
Welsh Meibion o Fëanor
Xhosa Onyana ba Fëanor
Yiddish זין פון פעאַנאָר
Zulu Amadodana ka-Fëanor

References Edit

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