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Snaga was the name of an Orc scout in Uglúk's band sent by Saruman to pursue the Fellowship in TA 3019 and capture the hobbits carrying the One Ring.

Biography Edit

Snaga was a scout in the band of Orcs of Isengard led by Uglúk and tasked to return with their captives Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took to Saruman, as told in The Two Towers. When Uglúk believed that the Rohirrim had been made aware of them, Snaga was blamed for it. The Uruk-hai captain threatened that he would cut off his ears.

Snaga was killed along with the rest by Éomer's band of riders.[1]

Portrayal in adaptations Edit

Peter Jackson's The Two Towers Edit

"Why can't we have some meats? (notices Merry and Pippin)... What about them? They're fresh."
Snaga to Uglúk about Merry and Pippin

In Peter Jackson's adaptation of The Two Towers, Snaga is portrayed as a scout brought by Grishnákh to help him gain control of Merry and Pippin and hurry the Uruk-hai Scouts (though it is unclear if all of the lesser Orcs or only Grishnákh are from Mordor, as they look similar to those from Isengard). His personality and role are rather that of the Moria Goblins who are absent from the film, but appear in the books and attempt to eat the captives.

Hunger for fresh meat eventually overcame his limited discipline and loyalty to the Dark Lord Sauron. After one of the orcs known as Mauhúr begins to say that they haven't eaten anything except ill food for three days, Snaga joins in and adds that their captives ''look fresh'' until he is denied his meal by the Uruk-hai scouts loyal to The Eye and The White Hand. He eventually tried to get "Just a mouthful" of the two captured Hobbits by sneaking in behind Uglúk, who was making sure the captives got to Isengard unharmed and unspoiled. When the orc attempted to kill Merry and Pippin, Uglúk saw him and cut off his head after which the Uruk-hai cannibalize his corpse.

Snaga was played by Jed Brophy and voiced by Andy Serkis, who was uncredited for the part.

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