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Silver is a highly reflective grayish-white precious metal found all over Arda.

Silver was primarily used as currency and for jewelry and many other things. The even rarer Mithril was very similar in appearance to it. The Great Tree Telperion was silver in appearance and shed silver dews and light throughout the realm of Valinor, some of which was horded by Varda in great vats known as the Wells of Varda.

Creations of Silver[]

The Moon, the Flower of Silver, was a last fruit of Telperion which it bore after its death and was later guided by Tilion, a Maia of Oromë. The crown of Thingol, the Sindar King of Doriath was made of silver. The symbol of Gondolin's House of the Harp was a silver harp, as well as the tassels (mingled with Gold) they wore. Gondolin also had a Gate of Silver that guarded the Orfalch Echor.


Silver was present in the deeps of Arda since its creation by Eru. It was no doubt discovered by Aulë, the great smith, who was the first to make use of it. Tilion was a great lover of the metal and may have been silverish in appearance and had a bow made of silver, which was the reason why he was charged with the task of guiding the Moon throughout the heavens during the later ages. When the Children of Ilúvatar became skilled metallurgists, they worked it and became very fond of it and used it to create things of great beauty and wealth.

Etymology and names[]

Telpë/tyelpë was the word for Silver in Quenya and Celeb was the word for Silver in Sindarin.

People whose names include a reference to silver:

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Other precious metals and minerals[]