The Side-door or Secret Door was a secret entrance to the Dwarven kingdom of the Lonely Mountain located on the western side of the mountain, from a shelf on the outside. It opened on to a long tunnel that led down to the Bottommost Cellar.

Description Edit

The Side-door was made as if to look as if it were a natural rock face on the mountain, thus, its surface was flat and smooth and there were no visible signs that it was a door at all. The door was five feet high with a keyhole about three feet from the ground.[1]

History Edit

The Side-door was created sometime during the reign of Thrór with the support of his son Thráin. Their reason for creating it was unknown but literature points toward a means of escape. According to Thorin, Thrór and Thráin were the only ones who knew about it and used it to escape when Smaug attacked and claimed the mountain and all its wealth.[2] The door could only be opened with a key, and then only on the last light shone upon it on Durin's Day. When Thorin and Company reached it, they recognized it for what it was and the Dwarves eager to get inside attempted to force it open without success.[1]

Secret door opening

Thorin opens the door on Durin's Day

As a ray of moonlight struck the door, a piece of rock would flake off to reveal the key-hole, allowing the door to be opened. Bilbo passed through the door and down to Smaug.[3] Anticipating that Smaug would find out how he got in, the Dwarves shut the side-door to the outside and retreated down the tunnel just in time before Smaug attacked the entrance, smashing the rock face to bits, destroying the side-door and everything around it with lashings of his great tail, and sealing them in the mountain.[3]

Translations around the world Edit

Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Kant-deurtjie
Albanian Dyer anësore
Amharic የጎን በር
Arabic باب جانبي
Armenian Կողքի դուռը
Azerbaijani Yan qapı
Basque Alboko ate
Belarusian Cyrillic бакавыя дзверы
Bengali পাশের দরজা
Bosnian Bočna vrata
Bulgarian Cyrillic Странична врата
Burmese ဘေးထွက်တံခါးကို
Cambodian ចំហៀងទ្វា
Catalan Porta lateral
Cebuano Kilid sa pultahan
Chinese 侧门
Czech Boční dveř
Croatian Bočna vrata
Danish Sidedør
Dutch Zijdeur
Esperanto Flanka pordo
Estonian Küljeuks
Fijian Yasana Na katuba
Filipino Gilid-pinto
Finnish Sivuluukku
French Porte latérale
Galician Porta lateral
Georgian გვერდითი კარი
German Seitentür
Greek Πλευρά-πόρτα
Gujarati સાઇડ બારણું
Hausa Ƙofar gefen
Hebrew הדלת הצדדית
Hindi बगली दरवाजा
Hungarian Oldal ajtó
Icelandic Hlið hurð
Indonesian Pintu samping
Irish Gaelic Doras taobh
Italian Porta laterale
Japanese サイドドア
Javanese Lawang sisih
Kannada ಪಕ್ಕ ಬಾಗಿಲು
Kazakh Бүйір есік (Cyrillic) Büyir esik (Latin)
Korean 사이드 도어
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Каптал эшик
Laotian ປະຕູຂ້າງຄຽງ
Latvian Sānu durvīm
Lithuanian Šonines duris
Luxembourgish Säitentor
Macedonian Cyrillic Странични врат
Malaysian Pintu sampingan
Maltese In-naħa tal-bieb
Marathi साइड-दरवाजा
Mongolian Cyrillic хажуугийн хаалга
Nepalese साइड ढोका
Norwegian Sidedøren
Pashto د غاړې دروازه
Persian درب سمت
Polish Boczne-drzwi (Side-door)

Tajemne Drzwi (Secret Door)

Portuguese Porta lateral
Punjabi ਸਾਈਡ ਦਰਵਾਜ਼
Romanian Usa laterala
Russian Боковая дверь
Scottish Gaelic Doras taobh
Serbian Бочна врата (Cyrillic) Bočna vrata (Latin)
Sesotho Lehlakore monyako
Sindhi پاسي جي دروازي
Sinhalese සයිඩ් දොර
Slovak Bočné dvere
Slovenian Stranska vrata
Spanish Puerta lateral
Sudanese Samping panto
Swahili Mlango wa upande
Swedish Sidodörren
Tamil பக்க கதவு
Telugu సైడ్ డోర్
Thai ประตูด้านข้าง
Turkish Yan kapı
Ukrainian Cyrillic Бічні двере
Urdu طرف دروازہ
Uzbek Йон эшик (Cyrillic) Yon eshik (Latin)
Vietnamese Cửa bên
Welsh Drws ochr
Yiddish זייַט טיר

References Edit

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