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Shelob's Lair is the ninth chapter of the second book of The Two Towers.

In this chapter, Frodo encounters the great spider Shelob within her cave.

Translations around the world Edit

Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Shelob se lêplek
Bulgarian Cyrillic Леговището на Корубана
Catalan El catau de l'Aranyerra
Croatian Shelobova jazbina
Danish Shelobs hule
Finnish Lukitarin luola
French Le repaire de Shelob
German Kankras Lauer
Hungarian A Banyapók odúja
Indonesian Sarang shelob
Italian La tana di Shelob
Norwegian Shelobs hiet
Polish Jaskinia Szeloby
Portuguese A Toca de Laracna (Brazilian Portuguese)
Russian Логово Шелоб
Slovenian Shelobovi brlog
Spanish El antro de Ella-Laraña
Swedish Shelobs lya
Turkish Shelob'ın ini
Ukrainian Cyrillic Лігво Шелоб
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