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Modeled after the "The Two Towers: The Purist Edit" that has floated around for the past few years, a fan-edit named Sharkey's Purist Editions sets out to bring the Jackson films (Extended Editions) more in line with Tolkien's original novel, to be a version the die-hard Tolkien purists can find easier to stomach, by removing as many differing plot points as possible.

The final film lengths:

The Fellowship of the Ring - 3 hours, 1 minute (down from 3 hours, 28 minutes.)

The Two Towers - 2 hours, 53 minutes (down from 3 hours, 43 minutes.)

The Return of the King - 3 hours (down from 4 hours, 10 minutes.)

Total trilogy length - 8 hours, 54 minutes (down from 11 hours, 21 minutes.)

Fan edit by Kirk Shelton, Phil Dragash, and Aleksander Kerr. It can be downloaded here:


Purist edits of the Hobbit movies have been created by "Boffer Balsashield", inspired by Sharkey's purist editions, and called "provisional" because they were created before the extended editions came out:

They were later redone using the extended editions (and in a higher resolution), and moving a few scenes between movies to bring them more in line with the book:

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