Modeled after the "The Two Towers: The Purist Edit" that has floated around for the past few years, a fan-edit named Sharkey's Purist Editions sets out to bring the Jackson films (Extended Editions) more in line with Tolkien's original novel, to be a version the die-hard Tolkien purists can find easier to stomach, by removing as many differing plot points as possible.

The final film lengths:

The Fellowship of the Ring - 3 hours, 1 minute (down from 3 hours, 28 minutes.)

The Two Towers - 2 hours, 53 minutes (down from 3 hours, 43 minutes.)

The Return of the King - 3 hours (down from 4 hours, 10 minutes.)

Total trilogy length - 8 hours, 54 minutes (down from 11 hours, 21 minutes.)

Fan edit by Kirk Shelton, Phil Dragash, and Aleksander Kerr.


Purist edits of the Hobbit movies have been created by "Boffer Balsashield", inspired by Sharkey's purist editions, and called "provisional" because they were created before the extended editions came out:

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