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Serka was an Easterling warrior during the late Third Age. He aided his brother, the adopted Gondorian Baranor, in taking the fortress of Shindrâm in Lithlad.

He is non-canonical as he does not appear in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, and is only in the video game Middle-earth: Shadow of War.


Serka, born as Jagai, was originally from Umbar, and born to parents of Haradrim descent. His younger brother, Warad, was taken by village clerics and delivered to Gondor as a hostage of peace, though Jagai attempted to stop them.

Soon afterwards, Jagai's village was attacked by the Easterlings of the Vanishing Sons mercenary company, who killed Jagai's parents and most of the villagers, but took Jagai and two other children. The mercenaries raised them harshly, leading to the deaths of the other children, but Jagai was hardened and worked his way through the Easterlings' ranks as he grew, taking the name of Serka. Eventually, having gained the title of "The Unkillable", he became the Vanishing Sons' leader.

Some time later, Baranor of Minas Ithil came to Lithlad, seeking the assistance of the Vanishing Sons. Serka soon recognized Baranor as his long-lost brother Warad and welcomed him. Serka, at the insistence of Baranor, eventually agreed to help him in taking the fortress of Shindrâm, though they initially disagreed about the venture's feasibility. During the campaign, which involved taking the outposts surrounding the fortress, Serka was betrayed by Zhója, one of his subordinates, who sold him to the uruk Ûshak. Baranor rescued Serka, who, on returning to The Oasis, had Zhója fed to the were-wyrms.

The campaign would ultimately be a success, and the fortress was captured, with both Serka and Baranor surviving the attempt.

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