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The Sons of Fëanor riding to Doriath to reclaim the Silmaril, by Jenny Dolfen at

The Second Sack of Doriath or Second Kinslaying was an attack on Doriath under Thingol's grandson Dior, by an army led by the Sons of Fëanor.



When it became known that Dior inherited the Silmaril from his father Beren, the sons of Fëanor demanded the return of the precious and priceless holy jewel. When their demands went unanswered, the brothers assembled an army to attack Doriath and take the Silmaril by force.

The Battle and Final Fall of Doriath

The Sons of Fëanor came upon the realm in the middle of winter of FA 506 and fought with the Elves of Doriath in the Thousand Caves. For the Elves of Doriath, the battle was lost but before Dior of Doriath fell he slew Celegorm himself, and Fëanor's other sons Caranthir and Curufin were also killed. Dior's wife Nimloth was also killed and her and husband's twin sons Eluréd and Elurín were taken out into the local woods by Celegorm's cruel servants, and left to die in the atrocity. This disturbed Maedhros greatly and he went back out to search for them but they could not be found.


The realm of the fair Elven kingdom of Doriath fell, never to rise again. Even with their victory, the remaining Sons of Fëanor did not recover the Silmaril for Dior and Nimloth's daughter Elwing escaped with the Silmaril to the havens at the Mouths of Sirion.[1]

Translations around the World

Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Tweede Plunder van Doriath
Albanian Plaçkitjen e dytë e Doriathit
Arabic احتلال الثاني من ضورياته
Belarusian Cyrillic Па-другое Рабаванне Дориате
Bengali দোরিথের দ্বিতীয় লুণ্ঠন
Bulgarian Cyrillic Втора Разграбване на Дориатх
Catalan Segon Saqueig de Dòriath
Chinese (Hong Kong) 第二次親族相殘
Croatian Drugi opljačkati Doriath
Czech Druhý vyplenění Doriathu
Danish Anden Plyndre af Doriath
Dutch Tweede Plundering van Doriath
Esperanto Dua disrabado de Doriath
Estonian Doriath teine riisumine
Finnish Toinen Doriath-ryöstö
French Deuxième sac de Doriath
Galician Segundo saqueo de Doriath
German Zweiter Plünderung von Doriath
Greek Δεύτερο Άλωση του Ντόριαθ
Hungarian Doriath második kifosztása
Icelandic Annar rændu af Doriath
Indonesian Kedua Jatuhnya dari Doriath
Irish Gaelic An Dara Argain de Doriath
Italian Secondo sacco del Doriath
Latin Secundi direptio in Doriath
Lithuanian Antrasis Doriath grobti
Macedonian Cyrillic Второ Падот на Дориатх
Malay Penjarahan Doriath
Norwegian Sekund Plyndringen av Doriath
Polish Drugi złupienie Doriath
Portuguese Segundo saque de Doriath
Romanian A Doua jefuirea de Doriath
Russian Разграбление Дориат
Serbian Други Пљачка Доријат (Cyrillic) Drugi Pljačka Dorijat (Latin)
Slovenian Drugi Plenitev Doriath
Spanish Segundo Saqueo de Doriath
Swedish Andra Skövling av Doriath
Tamil டொரிஅத்ஹ் இரண்டாவது கொள்ளையிடப்படல்
Turkish Doriath'nin Yağmalanması
Ukrainian Cyrillic Другe Розграбування Доріат
Welsh Ail Ysbeilio o Doriath


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