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The Second Age was the time-period of Arda that began after the climactic banishment of Morgoth into the Void by the Lords of the West (the Valar) and ended with the defeat of Sauron and his army by the Last Alliance of Elves and Men, a century after the Downfall of Númenor.


The Second Age lasted for 3,441 years in total. This age was characterized by the rise (eventually with increased insolence) of Númenor, and Sauron in Middle-earth, the emergence of the Ringwraiths, and the early wars of the Rings between Sauron and the Elves. The One Ring came into existence during this period.[1]


Year Events
SA 1 Foundation of the Grey Havens under Círdan, and Lindon, the Ñoldorin Kingdom under Gil-galad.
32 Edain reach Númenor, Elros assumes the Sceptre as first King of Númenor.
c. 40 Many Dwarves abandon the ruined cities of Belegost and Nogrod in the Blue Mountains and join Durin's Folk in Khazad-dûm (bore it was named Moria).
61 Birth of Vardamir Nólimon, eldest child of Elros. Subsequently three more children are born.
192 Birth of Tar-Amandil.
222 Birth of Nolondil.
300 Birth of Celebrían.
350 Birth of Tar-Elendil.
361 Birth of Eärendur of Númenor.
442 Elros, also known as Tar-Minyatur, dies.

Vardamir Nólimon succeeds to the throne but abdicates immediately.

Tar-Amandil becomes third King of Númenor.

c. 500 Sauron arises again in Middle-earth.
521 Silmariën is born in Númenor, line of Lords of Andúnië splits off from the line of Kings.
532 Isilmë, sister of Silmariën, born.
543 Meneldur, brother of Silmariën, born.
590 Tar-Elendil becomes fourth King of Númenor.
600 First ships of the Númenóreans sail to Middle-earth.
700 Anardil born.
740 Tar-Meneldur becomes fifth King of Númenor.
750 The Ñoldor found the realm of Eregion near Khazad-dûm.
870 Anardil weds Erendis.
873 Ancalimë born.
882 Anardil and Erendis separate.
883 Tar-Aldarion becomes sixth King of Númenor.
985 Death of Erendis by drowning.
c. 1000 Sauron begins building Barad-dûr.
1075 Tar-Ancalimë becomes the first Ruling Queen and seventh ruler of Númenór.
c. 1200 Sauron deceives the Ñoldor in Eregion, but Gil-galad mistrusts him; the Númenóreans begin building permanent havens in Middle-earth at Lond Daer Enedh and other places.
1280 Tar-Anárion becomes seventh King of Númenor.
c. 1350 Celeborn and Galadriel, together with their daughter Celebrían, emigrate from Eregion to Lothlórien.

Celebrimbor becomes lord of Eregion.

1394 Tar-Súrion becomes eighth King of Númenor.
c. 1500 The Ñoldor under Celebrimbor are instructed by Sauron, beginning of the forging of the Rings of Power.
1556 Tar-Telperiën becomes the second Queen and tenth ruler of Númenor.
c. 1600 Forging of the One Ring.

Barad-dûr completed.

Celebrimbor perceives Sauron's treachery.

Glorfindel is reinstated to Middle-earth by Manwë, with Maia-like powers.

1693 War of the Elves and Sauron begins.

The Three Rings are hidden.

1695 Elrond sent to Eregion as lieutenant of Gil-galad.
1697 Eregion destroyed.

Elrond establishes the refuge of Rivendell.

Celebrimbor dies.

1699 Rivendell and Lindon besieged.
1700 Minastir sends a great navy under Ciryatur to Lindon and he is victorious at the Battle of the Gwathló.

Sauron's forces retreat from Eriador and are practically destroyed.

1731 Tar-Minastir becomes eleventh King of Númenor.
c. 1800 Númenor begins establishing permanent settlements in Middle-earth.
1869 Tar-Ciryatan becomes twelfth King of Númenor.
2029 Tar-Atanamir the Great becomes thirteenth King of Númenor but is hostile to the Valar. The Elendili or the "Faithful" still receive the Elves in secret.
2221 Tar-Ancalimon becomes fourteenth King of Númenor.

The people of Númenor become separated into two parties; The King's Men and the Faithful.

2251 The Nazgûl first appear.
2280 Umbar is founded by the Númenóreans.
2350 Pelargir is built by the Faithful.
2386 Tar-Telemmaitë becomes fifteenth King of Númenor.
2526 Tar-Vanimeldë becomes third Queen and sixteenth ruler of Númenor.
2637 Herucalmo seizes the throne and rules as "Tar-Anducal", but is not counted in the list of kings.
2657 Tar-Alcarin becomes seventeenth King of Númenor.
2737 Tar-Calmacil becomes eighteenth King of Númenor.
2899 Ar-Adûnakhôr becomes twentieth King of Númenor and the first to take his royal name in Adûnaic, the Númenórean language, instead of Quenya, the high language of the Elves. He bans people from using the Elvish languages around him.
2962 Ar-Zimrathôn becomes twenty-first King of Númenor.
3033 Ar-Sakalthôr becomes twenty-second King of Númenor.
3102 Ar-Gimilzôr becomes twenty-third King of Númenor.
c. 3110 Usage of Elvish languages and contact with the Elves prohibited in Númenor.
3119 Birth of Elendil.
3177 Tar-Palantir becomes twenty-fourth King of Númenor, he repents, resulting in civil unrest in Númenor.
3209 Birth of Isildur[2]
3219 Birth of Anárion.
3243 Death of Gimilkhâd, at 198 years old.
3255 Ar-Pharazôn the Golden weds his first-cousin Míriel, the daughter of Tar-Palantir, and seizes the throne of Númenor.
3261 Ar-Pharazôn sails to Middle-earth landing at Umbar, and takes Sauron captive.
3262 Sauron is taken as prisoner to Númenor, but begins corrupting the Númenóreans further.
c. 3265 Sauron becomes Ar-Pharazôn's court advisor.
3299 Elendur, eldest son of Isildur is born.[2][3]

Between SA 3262 and this year, Sauron establishes himself as high priest of Melkor, "Lord of the Dark". The Faithful are openly persecuted and sacrificed to Melkor.

Isildur steals a fruit from Nimloth. The White Tree is felled and burnt in the Temple for Morgoth thereafter.

3310 At Sauron's instigation, Ar-Pharazôn begins building the Great Armament.
3318 Birth of Meneldil, fourth child of Anárion and last man born in Númenor.
3319 Ar-Pharazôn sets foot on Aman; the World is Changed: Aman and Tol Eressëa are removed from Arda, Númenor is drowned, and the world is made round.

Elendil and his sons arrive on the shores of Middle-earth.

3320 Founding of Gondor and Arnor as realms-in-exile by Elendil and his sons, Isildur and Anárion.

Umbar remains a stronghold of the King's Men, now the Black Númenóreans.

3339 Aratan, second son of Isildur born in Gondor.[3]
3379 Ciryon, third son of Isildir born in Minas Ithil.[3]
3429 Sauron's forces launch a surprise attack and capture Minas Ithil, burning the White Tree.

Isildur sails to Arnor while Anárion defends Osgiliath.

The War of the Last Alliance begins.

3430 The Last Alliance of Elves and Men is formed.
3434 Sauron's forces are defeated in the Battle of Dagorlad.

Siege of Barad-dûr begins.

Oropher and Amdír are slain.

3440 Anárion is slain.
SA 3441 Elendil and Gil-galad perish in single combat with Sauron.

Isildur defeats Sauron by taking the shards of his father's sword Narsil and cutting the One Ring from Sauron's finger, destroying Sauron's physical form and winning the war.

In the aftermath of the War many Elves of Gil-galad's following depart to Valinor: end of the Ñoldorin realms in Middle-earth.


Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Tweede Era
Albanian Mosha e Dytë
Armenian Երկրորդ Տարիքը
Arabic العصر الثاني
Assamese দ্বিতীয় যুগ
Azerbaijani Ikinci Yaş
Belarusian Cyrillic Другой Эпохі
Basque Bigarren Adina
Bengali ব্যবহৃত বয়স
Bosnian Drugoj Starosnoj
Bulgarian Cyrillic Втората епоха
Burmese ဒုတိယအခေတ်
Cambodian ទីពីរកាលសម័យ
Catalan Segona Edat
Chinese (Hong Kong) 第二紀元
Cornish Ooj Nessa
Croatian Drugo doba
Czech Druhý Věk
Danish Anden Alder
Dutch Tweede Era
Esperanto Dua Aĝo
Estonian Teine Ajastu
Finnish Toinen aika
Filipino Pangalawang Edad
French Deuxième Âge
Galician Segunda Idade
Georgian მეორე ეპოქა
German Zweites Zeitalter
Greek Δεύτερη Εποχή
Gujarati બીજા ઉંમર
Haitian Creole Dezyèm Laj
Hebrew העידן השני
Hindi दूसरा आयु
Hungarian Másodkor
Irish Gaelic Dara Aois
Italian Seconda Era
Japanese 第二紀
Kannada ಸೆಕೆಂಡ್ ಏಜ್
Kazakh Екінші Жасы (Cyrillic) Ekinşi Jası (Latin)
Korean 제2시대
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Экинчи Жашы
Laotian ຍຸກທີສອງ
Latin Aetas Secunda
Latvian Otrā Ēra
Lithuanian Antroje Amžiaus
Lombard Segonda Età
Luxembourgish Zweeten Zäitalter
Macedonian Cyrillic Второто Доба
Maithili द्वितीय युग
Malagasy Faharoa Taona
Malaysian Kedua Umur
Marathi दुसरे वय
Mongolian Cyrillic Хоёр дахь Нас
Nepalese दोस्रो आयु
Norwegian (Bokmål) Andre Tideverv
Occitan Edat Segonda
Pashto دوهم عمر
Persian دوران دوم
Polish Druga Era
Punjabi ਦੂਜੀ ਉਮਰ
Romanian Doilea Ev
Russian Вторая Эпоха
Scottish Gaelic Dàrna Aois
Serbian Друга доба (Cyrillic) Druga Doba (Latin)
Sinhalese දෙවන යුගය
Spanish Segunda Edad
Slovenian Drugo Starostno
Slovak Druhý vek
Somali Labaad Da'da
Swahili Umri wa pili
Swedish Andra Åldern
Tajik Cyrillic Синну дуюм
Tamil இரண்டாம் வயது
Telugu రెండవ వయసు
Thai ยุคที่สอง
Turkish İkinci Çağ
Turkmen Ikinji Döwür
Ukrainian Cyrillic Друга епоха
Urdu دوسرا عمر
Uyghur ئىككىنچى دەۋر
Uzbek Иккинчи Йош (Cyrillic) Ikkinchi Yosh (Latin)
Welsh Yr Ail Oes
Yiddish רגע עלטער


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