The Sarati was an alphabet and writing system invented in Valinor by Rúmil of Tirion. In later years, Fëanor modeled the ubiquitous Tengwar script on the Sarati. Unlike the Tengwar and the Cirth, the Sarati is written in several different directions, though the most prominent is from top to bottom. Others are left to right, right to left, and boustrophedon.

Each full character represents a consonant and, as in Tengwar, vowels are represented with diacritics. These vowel signs are written to the left (or sometimes right) of the consonants in vertical writing, above (and sometimes below) in horizontal writing. J.R.R. Tolkien stated that consonants were considered more salient than vowels, which were regarded as merely modifiers. When writing Quenya, the sign for "a", the most common Quenyan vowel, is usually omitted, technically make the Sarati an abugida with "a" as an inherent vowel.


Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic ساراتي
Armenian Սարատի
Belarusian Cyrillic Сараті
Bengali সারাটি
Bulgarian Cyrillic Сарати
Chinese 沙拉堤
Georgian სარატი
Greek Σαρατι
Gujarati સરાતી
Hebrew סאראטי
Hindi सराती
Japanese サラティ
Kannada ಸರತಿ
Kazakh Сарати (Cyrillic) Saratï (Latin)
Korean 사라티
Macedonian Cyrillic Сарати
Marathi सरती
Mongolian Cyrillic Сарати
Punjabi ਸਰਤੀ
Russian Сарати
Serbian Сарати (Cyrillic) Sarati (Latin)
Sinhalese සරති
Tajik Cyrillic Сарати
Tamil சாரதி
Telugu సరతి
Ukrainian Cyrillic Сараті
Urdu سآراٹا
Yiddish סאַראַטי

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