Sancho Proudfoot was a Hobbit of the Shire.


Sancho was born in TA 2990 (SR 1389).[1] When he was eleven years old, Sancho was present at the Farewell Party of his uncle Bilbo, along with his father Olo and grandfather Odo. The day after the party, he was present during the finalizing of Bilbo's will for Frodo to legally inherit Bag End and was amongst a few other treasure seeking young hobbits attempting to search for Bilbo's legendary gold. He was finally caught by Frodo taking things out of the larger pantry because he thought he had heard an echo somewhere below. Frodo eventually stopped him and put him out of the house.[2] His fate is unknown.

Portrayal in adaptations

Sancho appears in Vivendi's The Fellowship of the Ring. A young Hobbit named Sancho Proudfoot - or, the "dread highwayman Sancho Proudfoot ", as he prefers to call himself - causes quite some mischief in Hobbiton and Bywater. Several of the early missions the player - as Frodo - has to do involve solving problems caused by Sancho, such as retrieving a metal pin of the Hobbiton Mill and Old Noakes' medicinal herbs.


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