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Salgant was an Elf of Gondolin.


Salgant was the Lord of the House of the Harp in Gondolin. He was heavy and squat, and owned a harp of gold. He presided over a noble house of valiant warriors loyal to the realm and the King, but had character flaws. Despite his inadequacies, he was a friendly Elf and knew Eärendil as a child; he often played with him and taught him to play music with the wooden pipes he made for him. He was said to have fawned on Maeglin.[1][2]

Unfortunately, Salgant was a traitor and was persuaded by Maeglin to join in his conspiracy to seize the kingship of Gondolin for himself, though the prospect frightened Salgant. In furtherance of this, he used his position to persuade Turgon to hold the city at all costs. When the attack came, the King ordered Salgant to defend the Great Market with Glorfindel and his house of Elves. In an act of betrayal he countermanded that order and sent his warriors to the Lesser Market instead, but they rebelled.[1]

He fled in fear and disappeared. His fate is unknown. Eärendil mourned for him when he heard that his childhood friend was not amongst the survivors.


Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ሳልጋንት
Arabic سالجانت
Armenian Սալգանտ
Belarusian Cyrillic Салгант
Bengali সালগান্ত
Bulgarian Cyrillic Салгант
Georgian სალგანტი
Greek Σαλγκαντ
Gujarati સલગંટ
Hebrew צאלגאנת
Hindi षल्गन्त
Kannada ಸಾಲ್ಗಂಟ್
Kazakh Салгант (Cyrillic) Salgant (Latin)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Салгант
Macedonian Cyrillic Салгант
Marathi षल्गन्त
Mongolian Cyrillic Салгант
Nepalese साल्गन्ट
Pashto صالګانت
Persian صالگانت
Russian Салгант
Sanskrit षल्गन्त्
Serbian Салгант (Cyrillic) Salgant (Latin)
Sinhalese සල්ගන්ට්
Tajik Cyrillic Салгант
Tamil சல்கண்ட்
Tatar Сальгант
Telugu సల్గంట్
Ukrainian Cyrillic Салґант
Urdu صالگانت
Uzbek Салгант (Cyrillic) Salgant (Latin)
Yiddish סאַלגאַנט