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Saenathra is the spider daughter of Shelob in the role-playing video game The Lord of the Rings: War in the North.

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Saenathea was probably born near the end of the Second Age. Daughter of Shelob, the legendary Spider-Queen, Saenathra has built her own empire deep within the shadows of Mirkwood. With legions of ghastly Giant Spiders at her command, she has accumulated an untold fortune of treasure – which is now coveted by the dragon Urgost.



She was one of the allies of Sauron and the Queen of the Mirkwood spiders, second only to Shelob herself (being possibly even a little bigger than her mother). She was commanded by Agandaur (whom she calls "He") to eat Radagast so he could not send anymore messages which was his talent. She succeeded with capturing him, but wanted him to hang a bit so he would be tastier (much like the spiders in The Hobbit). Meanwhile, the three heroes, Andriel, Eradan and Farin appear seeking Radagast. Saenathra makes herself invisible, and then attacks them, saying that one is not enough for her, but four is a feast. She calls in many of her minions, but the heroes are able to defeat her quite easily along with her spiders and free Radagast. Similarly to Shelob being the greatest daughter of Ungoliant, Saenathra was likely the greatest daughter of Shelob. With Saenathras's death, her minions flee, leaving Eradan, Andriel, Farin and Radagast alone. She dwelt near Dol Guldur.

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Saenathra was voiced by Courtenay Taylor, who also played Arwen in the game.

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