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The Fall Of Nargothrond, by woutart

The Sack of Nargothrond was an event of the late First Age that marked the destruction of the hidden Elven city of Nargothrond.


After the army of Nargothrond went out to meet Morgoth's army led by Glaurung on the field of Tumhalad, some miles north of the citadel, they were defeated and routed. The Elves left in the city awaiting their return instead found the Dragon and his Orcs crossing their bridge and entering the citadel, meeting little to no resistance. These people, including Orodreth's daughter Finduilas, were either captured and taken to Angband to be slaves, or killed.


Túrin facing Glaurung at Nargothrond

Coming late to the assault were Túrin and some few other survivors of the Battle of Tumhalad. At the sight of the Dragon, Túrin's companions fled, but Túrin stayed and came face-to-face with dragon, prepared to fight him. He was placed under Glaurung's dragon-spell and was forced to watch the captives be driven away. Then Glaurung released him from the spell, lying to him of his family's whereabouts (Morwen and Nienor) such that Túrin, leaving to go seek them, forgot about Finduilas. Knowing the evil this would cause Túrin, Glaurung settled down within the stronghold and slept for five years upon his new hoard of treasures.[1][2][3]

Translations around the world

Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic حصار ونهب نارعوتهروند
Armenian Նարգոտհրոնդի գրավում
Asturian Saquéu de Nargothrond
Basque Nargothrondako arpilatzea
Belarusian Cyrillic Аблога Нарготрондя
Bengali নরগথ্রন্ড লুটপাটের
Breton Arigrap Nargothrond
Bulgarian Cyrillic Разграбване на Нарготронд
Catalan Saqueig de Nargothrond
Chinese (Hong Kong) 掠奪納國斯隆德
Czech Vyplenění Nargothronda
Dutch Plundering van Nargothrond
Esperanto Rabatako de Nargothrond
Estonian Rüüste Nargothrond
Finnish Nargothrondn ryöstö
French Sac de Nargothrond
Galician Saqueo de Nargothrond
Georgian ნარგოთჰრონდ ალყა
German Ausplünderung von Nargothrond
Greek Άλωση της Νάργκοθροντ
Gujarati નાર્ગોથ્રૉન્ડની લૂંટ
Hebrew ביזת נארגות'רונד
Hindi नर्गोथ्रॉन्ड की लूटपाट
Hungarian Nargothrond fosztogatás
Icelandic Pillage og Ránum af Nargothrond
Indonesian Jatuhnya Nargothrond
Italian Sacco del Nargothrond
Japanese ナルゴスロンドの陥落
Kannada ನರ್ಗೊಥ್ರೊಂಡ್ನ ಲೂಟಿ
Korean 나고 스 트론 드 약탈
Latin Direptio Nargothrond
Macedonian Cyrillic Опсада на Нарготронд
Malaysian Penjarahan Nargothrond
Marathi नर्गोथ्रॉन्डची लूट करणे
Mirandese Saque de Nargothrond
Mongolian Cyrillic Нарготронд дээрэм тонуул-ын
Norwegian Plyndringen av Nargothrond
Persian غارت نارگوتروند
Polish Zdobycie Nargothronda
Portuguese Saque de Nargothrond
Punjabi ਨਰਗੌਥ੍ਰੋਂਡ ਦੀ ਲੁੱਟਮਾਰ
Romanian Jefuirea de Nargothrond
Russian Разграбление Нарготронд
Serbian Пљачка Нарготхронд (Cyrillic) Pljačka Nargothrond (Latin)
Sicilian Saccu di Nargothrond
Sinhalese නාගර්ත්රොන්ඩ් කොල්ලකන ලදී
Slovenian Plenitev Nargothrond
Spanish Saco de Nargothrond
Tamil ணர்கொத்ஹ்ரொந்த் கொள்ளையடித்து
Telugu నార్గోథ్రోన్ దోపిడీ
Thai การตีกรุงนาร์โกธรอนด์
Turkish Nargothrond'nın Yağmalanması
Ukrainian Cyrillic Пограбування Нарготронд
Urdu جھگڑا نآرگوترونڈ
Vietnamese Cướp bóc của Nargothrond
Yiddish פּלאַנדערינג פון נאַרגאָטהראָנד


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