Robin Smallburrow, nicknamed Cock Robin, was a longer-standing Shirriffs within the Shire at the time of the end of the Third Age and during Sharkey's attacks on the Shire.


Robin became Shirriff in TA 3012. Though having joined the Shirriffs earlier than Sharkey's occupation, when questioned by Samwise Gamgee on his role Robin replies that he only applied for the post of Shirriff as a means of wandering the Shire, talking with folks and "knowing where the good beer was." Like many Shirriffs during Sharkey's scouring of the Shire, Robin Smallburrow is forced to continue service against his will as a part of the Shirriff's First Eastfarthing Troop in the town of Frogmorton. However, during the Hobbit's uprising against their foreign oppressors, it is assumed that Smallburrow defects in order to help the hobbits.

After Sharkey's demise and the effort and work to return to norm within the Shire, very little is recorded of Smallburrow and his role or family within the Shire, though it is assumed that he, like the hobbits who lived at the start of the Fourth Age, enjoyed the years of plenty and prosperity that dawned over the Shire.

It also appears that he was good friends with Samwise Gamgee, as Sam named his twelfth child, Robin Gamgee, after him.[1]


Foreign Language Translated name
Chinese (Hong Kong) 羅賓·小洞


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