"Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone."
J.R.R. Tolkien

The Ring of Thrór was the mightiest of the seven Dwarven rings.


The Ring of Thrór was the first of the Seven Dwarf-rings to be forged, and the last to be recovered by Sauron.[1]

While Sauron himself gave the Dwarves their Rings of Power, this one was originally given to King Durin III of Khazad-dûm by Celebrimbor, and it remained in his line for thousands of years until it was inherited by Thrór, the King under the Mountain.[2]

It was during Thrór's reign that Smaug descended on Lonely Mountain and drove the Dwarves into exile. Long after his kingdom's destruction, Thrór passed the ring to his son Thráin, who dwelt for many years as an exile from his ancient home. At last, Thráin set out on an ill-fated quest to regain his kingdom, but he was captured by the spies of Sauron, and the Ring of Thrór was lost forever.[2]

Many Dwarves however did not know the fate of the Ring, and thought that it was lost in Moria when Thrór was killed by Azog. It was thought that one of the reasons Balin wished to reclaim Moria was to find the Ring. In the Council of Elrond, Gandalf told Glóin that Balin would not find the Ring there, as it was given to Thráin and lost in Dol Guldur.[3]

Portrayal in adaptations

The Hobbit film trilogy

In the extended edition of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Gandalf expresses concern about the fate of this ring, identifying it as the last ring of the Seven not said to be in Sauron's power when he fell, with four destroyed and two taken by Sauron.

In the extended edition of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, when Gandalf discovers Thráin in Dol Guldur, a flashback confirms that Thráin indeed possessed one of the Seven during the attempt to retake Moria, with Azog having cut off the top of Thrain's left index finger to take his ring.

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Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Ring van Thrór
Albanian Unaza e Thrór-it
Aragonese Aniello de Thrór
Armenian Տհրորի մատանի
Asturian Aniellu de Thrór
Azerbaijani Thrórın Üzüyü
Basque Thrórren eraztuna
Breton Gwalenn Thrór
Catalan Anell de Thrór
Cebuano Singsing sa Thrór
Croatian Prsten Thróra
Czech Thrórova prsten
Danish Thrórs ring
Dutch Ring van Thrór
Esperanto Ringo de Thrór
Estonian Thróri sõrmus
Filipino Singsing ni Thrór
Finnish Thrórin sormus
French Anneau de Thrór
Galician Anel de Thrór
Georgian თრორის ბეჭედი
German Thrórs Ring
Greek Δαχτυλίδη του Θρορ
Hausa Zobe na Barahir
Hebrew טבעת תרור
Hungarian Thrór Gyűrűje
Icelandic Barahirs Hringur
Irish Gaelic Fáinne na Thrór
Italian Anello di Thrór
Kazakh Трорның жүзік (Cyrillic) Trornıñ jüzik (Latin)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Трордын шакек
Latin Inauris Thrór
Latvian Thróras gredzens
Lithuanian Thróro žiedas
Macedonian Cyrillic Прстен на Трор
Malaysian Cincin Thrór
Maltese Ċirku ta ' Thrórs
Mongolian Cyrillic Тхрор-ийн бөгж
Nepalese ठ्रोर्को औँठी
Norwegian Thrórs ring
Pashto انگشتر طهرور ?
Persian انگشتر ثرور
Polish Pierścień Thróra
Portuguese Anel da Thrór
Romanian Inelul lui Barahir
Russian Кольцо Трора
Scottish Gaelic An Fàinne na Thrór
Serbian Прстен Трорa (Cyrillic) Prsten Trora (Latin)
Sicilian Aneddu di Thrór
Slovak Prsteň Thrórova
Slovenian Prstan Thróra
Spanish Anillo de Thrór
Swedish Thrórs ring
Tajik Cyrillic Ринг Трорa
Turkish Thrór'un Yüzüğü
Turkmen Thrórlyň Ýüzük
Ukrainian Cyrillic Кільце Трора
Uzbek Трорнинг узук (Cyrillic) Trorning uzuk (Latin)


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