Radhruin was an Edain of the House of Bëor and one of Barahir's fellow Outlaws.


After the Dagor Bragollach, Radhruin remained with Barahir and his company who refused to surrender or submit to the will of Morgoth. With Barahir and his band of men, he survived as one of the outlaws for nearly five years in the barren highlands of Taur-nu-Fuin above the forest of Dorthonion, the land that had fallen in the hands of Morgoth. Radhruin and the others were eventually betrayed to Sauron by their outlaw-member, the unhappy Gorlim, and were killed at Tarn Aeluin.[1][2]


Earlier name

Radros was the first name ascribed to this character. It was during Tolkien's writing of the stories later compiled in The War of the Jewels that the name was changed to Radhruin. [3]


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