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The Elves named themselves Quendi (Quenya; IPA: [ˈkʷendi]; "the Speakers"; singular Quendë; [ˈkʷende]), in honour of the fact that, when they were created, they were the only living things they knew of who were able to speak. (This name is no accident — Tolkien was a philologist.)


Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic كوندي
Armenian Քուենդի
Belarusian Cyrillic Квэндзі
Bengali কন্দি
Bulgarian Cyrillic Куенди
Chinese 昆弟
Georgian კვანდი
Gujarati ક્યુએનડી
Hebrew קְוֵנְדִי
Japanese クウェンディ
Kannada ಕ್ವೆಂಡಿ
Kazakh Квенди (Cyrillic) Kvendï (Latin)
Korean 퀘디
Macedonian Cyrillic Квенди
Russian Квенди
Serbian Квенди (Cyrillic) Kvendi (Latin)
Sinhalese ක්වෙන්ඩි
Telugu క్యూన్ది
Thai เควนดิ
Ukrainian Cyrillic Квенді
Urdu قواندا
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