Primula Baggins was a Hobbit of the Shire, the mother of Frodo Baggins, who was one of the many bearers of the Ring, and the cousin of Bilbo Baggins.

Biography Edit

Primula was a daughter of Gorbadoc Brandybuck, Master of Buckland, and Mirabella Took, the youngest daughter of the Old Took. She married Drogo Baggins, and had one child, Frodo. In TA 2980 (SR 1380), she and her husband were drowned in the Brandywine River, leaving Frodo an orphaned child. She was sixty years old.[1]

Etymology Edit

Primula was a species of the Primrose family of flowering plants.


Foreign Language Translated name
Armenian Պրիմուլա (Բրենդիբակ) Բեգինս
Basque Primula Zorrozabal
Belarusian Cyrillic Прымула (Брэндзібак) Бэгінс
Bulgarian Cyrillic Примула (Брендифук) Бегинс
Catalan Prímula (Brandiboc) Saquet
Chinese 普麗謬拉 (烈酒鹿) 巴金斯
Czech Primule (Brandorád) Pytlík
Danish Primula (Brændebuk) Sækker
Dutch Primula (Brandebok) Balings
Esperanto Primula Baginzo
Estonian Primula (Kangepukk) Paunaste
Finnish Esikko (Rankkibuk) Reppuli
French Primula (Brandebouc) Sacquet
Galician Prímula (Brandigamo) Bulseiro
Georgian ფურისულა (ბრენდიბაკები) ბეგინსი
German Primula (Brandybock) Beutlin
Hebrew פרימולה (ברנדיבק) בגינס
Hungarian Primula (Borbak) Zsákos
Icelandic Primula Baggi
Italianס Primula (Brandibuck) Baggins
Japanese プリムラ (ブランディバック) バギンズ
Persian پریمولا (برندی‌باک) بگینز
Polish Primuli (Brandybucków) Baggins
Portuguese Primula Bolseiro
Norwegian Primula (Brennibukk) Lommelun
Russian Примула (Брендибак) Бэггинс
Slovak Primula Bublík
Slovenian Primula (Brendivinski) Bisagin
Spanish Prímula (Brandigamo) Bolsón
Swedish Primula (Vinbock) Bagger

References Edit

  1. The Lord of the Rings: Appendix C, "Brandybuck of Buckland"
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