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Location of the Poros river in Middle-earth

Poros was a small river in southeast Gondor flowing into the Anduin. Estimated at being at least 400 Númenórean miles long, it began in the Ephel Dúath. It then flowed southwest for approximately 300 miles when it turned westward toward the Anduin delta.[1]

It formed the border between Harondor and Ithilien. It could be forded at the Crossings of Poros, through which the Harad Road ran. It was the site of the Battle of the Crossings of Poros which occurred between Gondor and the Haradrim in TA 2885.[2]


Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic بوروس
Armenian Պորոս
Bulgarian Cyrillic Порос
Chinese (Hong Kong) 波羅斯河
Danish Porosfloden
Greek Πόρος
Hebrew פורוס
Hungarian Pórosz
Japanese ポロス島
Persian پوروس
Russian Порос
Serbian Порос (Cyrillic) Poros (Latin)
Ukrainian Cyrillic Порос


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