The Plain of Valinor was a vast plain in the land of Aman which accounted for the majority of the land west of the Pelóri.

It spanned more than two thousand miles from north to south and over four hundred miles from east to west.[1]


The plain is the location of many of the Valar's lands and personal dwellings. It most notable feature was the city of Valmar, of many bells which was located in the east-central part. South of Valmar were the Pastures of Yavanna and the Woods of Orome. Other features were the Gardens of Lorien, the Great Court of Aulë, and the dwelling of Nienna in the far west. Beneath the Plain of Valinor were the vast interconnecting tunnels that made up the Halls of Mandos.[1][2]


Aside from the Valar and Maiar themselves, the Vanyar Elves were known to dwell here when not at the foot of Taniquetil while the Ñoldor were content in Tirion between the Calacirya.[3]

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