The Pelóri, also known as the Mountains of Aman, Mountains of Defence, and the Mountain Wall, were a mountain range in Aman separating the inner plains of Valinor from Eldamar and the wastelands of Araman and Avathar.[1][2]


The Pelóri were originally created after the destruction of Almaren and the Two Lamps to hide and protect Valinor from any further attacks by Melkor. Taniquetil was its highest peak and home to the throne of Manwë.[3] Hyarmentir was the second highest peak. [4] The Calacirya was the only safe pass through the range.

The Pelóri are the tallest mountains in Arda and were raised to an unimaginable height after the escape of Melkor from Aman.[5] They were also very dark and smooth on the outside, with nothing to grasp on to, making any attempt to scale the cliff impossible.


Pelóri was a Quenya word that meant 'fencing or defensive heights'.[6]


Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ጰሎሪ
Arabic بيلوري
Armenian Պելորի
Belarusian Cyrillic Пелорі
Bengali পেলোরই
Bulgarian Cyrillic Пелори
Burmese ပေလောရိ
Chinese 佩羅瑞山脈
Georgian პელორი
Greek Πελορι
Gujarati પેલોરી
Hebrew פלורי
Hindi पेलोरि
Hungarian Pelóri, Aman hegyei
Japanese ペロリ
Kannada ಪೆಲೋರಿ
Kazakh Пелори (Cyrillic) Pelorï (Latin)
Korean 펠로리
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Пэлори
Laotian ປເຣໂຕິ ?
Lithuanian Pelorai
Macedonian Cyrillic Пелори
Malayalam പെലോറി
Marathi पेलोरि
Mongolian Cyrillic Пелори
Nepalese पेलोरि
Pashto پېلوری
Persian پلوری
Punjabi ਪਿਲੋਰੀ
Russian Пелори
Sanskrit पेलोरि
Serbian Пелори (Cyrillic) Pelori (Latin)
Sinhalese පෙලොරි
Sindhi پٽڙي ?
Tajik Cyrillic Пелори
Tamil பெலொரி
Telugu పెలొరి
Thai ภเลโริ
Ukrainian Cyrillic Пелорі
Urdu پالورا
Uzbek Пелори (Cyrillic) Pelori (Latin)
Yiddish פּעלאָרי

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