Pearl Took was a hobbit of the Shire, and a sister of Peregrin Took.


Pearl was the daughter of Paladin Took II and his wife Eglantine Banks. She was the eldest child of her family, which included brother Peregrin Took and two sisters, Pimpernel and Pervinca. Pearl was born in TA 2975 (SR 1375), making her about fifteen years older than Pippin.

Pearl served as an attendant to the Took family Matriarch, Lalia (Clayhanger) Took, at the time of Lalia's death in 1401 Shire Reckoning. There was some belief that Pearl deliberately tipped Lalia out of her wheelchair, thus causing her death. As the Matriarch was not well-liked, this act was lauded by the other Tooks.

Pearl Took probably died sometime before the year 63 of the Fourth Age when Pippin left the Shire to live in Gondor.[1]


Like many female hobbits, Pearl was named after a jewel or a flower.


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