The Pass of Sirion was a pass between Ered Wethrin and the Echoriath in the northern Beleriand through which the river Sirion flowed.

The pass served as a main entrance to West Beleriand from Ard-galen.

It was a narrow valley whose sheer walls were covered with pine trees. The ground floor was very fertile.[1]

History Edit

When the Ñoldor returned to Middle-earth, they built the tower/fortress of Minas Tirith to keep the enemy out of the West Beleriand. The pass was guarded by Orodreth of the House of Finarfin for his uncle Finrod who guarded it until FA 457, when it was conquered by Sauron. It remained in Sauron's hands until he was driven out by Lúthien and Huan in the mid-460s. Afterwards its defense was neglected.[1][2][3]


Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Pas van Sirion
Albanian Qafat të Sirion
Arabic سيريون اجتياز
Aragonese Paso de Sirion
Armenian Սիրիոն անցնելը
Belarusian Cyrillic Сіріон перавал
Bosnian Prolaz Sirion
Bulgarian Cyrillic Проход на Сирион
Catalan Pas de Sirion
Cebuano Gintang sa Sirion
Chinese (Hong Kong) 西瑞安通道
Croatian Sirion prelaska
Czech Průsmyku Sirion
Danish Sirionpasset
Dutch De Pas van de Sirion
Estonian Sirioni läbida
Finnish Sirionsolan
French Passe de Sirion
Georgian სირიონი უღელტეხილი
German Sirion-Pass
Greek Περάστε από Σείριον
Gurjatai સિરીયન રસ્તો
Hebrew סיריון מַעֲבָר
Hindi षिरिओन पास
Hungarian Sirion hegyszoros
Icelandic Sirion fjallaskarð
Indonesian Perlintasan Sirion
Irish Gaelic Sirion Uachdair
Italian Passo del Sirion
Japanese シリオン峠
Kazakh Сирион өту (Cyrillic) Sïrïon ötw (Latin)
Korean 시리온 협곡
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Сирион тоо ашуу
Latvian Sirion pāreja
Lithuanian Sirion perėja
Macedonian Cyrillic Премин на Сирион
Maltese Mogħdija ta Sirion
Marathi सिरियन पास
Norwegian Sirionpasset
Persian گذرگاه سیریون
Polish Przełom Sirionu
Portuguese Passo do Sirion
Romanian Pasul de Sirion
Russian Проход Сириона
Scottish Gaelic Sirion Uachdar
Serbian Сирион пролаз (Cyrillic) Sirion prolaz (Latin)
Sinhalese ෂිරිඔන් සම්මත වේ
Slovak Sirion Prekračovanie
Slovenian Sirion prelaz
Spanish Paso de Sirion
Swahili Ufa ya Sirion
Swedish Sirionpasset
Tamil சீரியோன் கணவாய்
Telugu సిరియన్ పాస్
Turkish Sirion geçiş
Ukrainian Cyrillic Сіріонів Прохід
Urdu سیرون دره ?
Vietnamese Đèo của Sirion

References Edit

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