The Osanwe-kenta or Enquiry into the Communication of Thought is a text by J. R. R. Tolkien, written as a typescript of eight pages, probably in 1960, published in Vinyar Tengwar (39) in 1998.

In the framework of the legendarium of Middle-earth, the text is a summary by an unnamed editor of a longer treatise by Pengolodh of Gondolin.

The subject-matter is "direct thought-transmission" (telepathy), or sanwe-latya "thought-opening" in Quenya. Pengolodh included it as an appendix to the Lhammas because of the implications of tengwesta (grammar, language) on thought-transmission, i. e. with the development of language, telepathy became more difficult and all but fell out of use among the incarnated (c. f. hröa).

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